[Es2] Clutch/Pressure Plate

Europrice contact at euro-audi-parts.com
Sun Mar 14 22:51:35 EST 2004

    Howdy folks!  A productive Sat, 6 hours of work and the 90 coughed a
mostly intact 7A motor.  Had a chance to pop the flywheel off and start
comparing clutch/pp setups.  Unfortunately none of the pressure plates I
grabbed will work with the stock 5 speed...

R/S4 clutch plate has the proper spline count, fits
RS4 pressure plate does not have the proper dowel holes and is the wrong
RS2 pressure plate has the proper dowel holes, but it would appear the 6
speed flywheel is way different than the 5 speed 7A flywheel, no possible

    So back to square one, a stock 7A pressure plate will not handle the
power, the stock trans probably won't either, but we shall see.  So curious,
does Sachs make a sport/power pressure plate for the 90q20v or CQ?  OR does
anyone have a better solution for 7A flywheel and stock 5 speed?

    Something just popped into my head, friend has a SPEC clutch setup for
his urS4 lying around, I'll take a peak at that one tomorrow...


Alexander van Gerbig


Waitsfield, VT 05673

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