[Es2] Clutch/Pressure Plate Poll

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Tue Mar 16 21:38:31 EST 2004


My measurements last weekend of the stock 7A and 200tq 3B clutchs tell me
that both pressure plates look virtually identical, and both will mount to
the 7A flywheel. The only difference I can see is one of the three pins for
the 7A is on the pressure plate (only two on the flywheel), compared to the
3B which has no pins on the pp (all three on the flywheel). In other words,
if you use the 7A flywheel with the 3B pp, you will want to install one
additional pin in the flywheel hole to keep things balanced.

Since the 7A and 3B pressure plates are essentially the same dimensions, can
anyone vouch for the urS4 & urS6? Given the general availability of all
three in the US, I would assume it would be best to go with the latest one
for my modest needs (if it fits). Anyone know?


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