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If you're using the earlier gearbox like the USA 4000 quattro used, then it should work fine; that is supposed to be a very beefy tranny.

Matt, I agree longer gears would be nice, but I doubt you'd see much (if any)change in highway mileage.  Efficiency doesn't drop off that much; it's more for sound and to keep the revs down/less wear and tear.  Oh, and top speed.  I'm waiting for someone to tell me the easy way to use the 5-speed in my 200q20v...

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--- "Harrison, David" <David.Harrison at kcc.com> wrote:
> Having recently joined the list, I would like to ask
> a few questions. I
> have a 1986 coupe quattro that presently has a 7A
> 20v engine with a few
> tweaks. Firstly, will the gearbox handle the power
> and torque of the 20v
> turbo, 
The hedged answer is we think so.  I'm running it as
well as others, including Javad's 290whp 10V 80q.
But I am not liking the stock 01A gearing at all
with the turbo motor.  80mph @4000RPM and holding
steady highway speed is problematic.  Barely 21mpg on 
highway I think would be 25 with taller gears.  
Gearing really needs to be taller with the turbo 
motor.  So I am lusting after a 6spd. but also 
considering 5spd. 01E options as well.
What do the rest of you already driving your 
conversions think?

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