[Es2] gearbox

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Mar 19 11:13:26 EST 2004

I drove mine ~30K miles with the CQ box, no problems, then sold the box
to a 20v lister (Dave Kase) who put it in his CQ and drove it some more.
Seemed to be ok.  The final drive ratio isn't great, although the S4/6 5
speed has the same last ratio as the 6 speed, .72, wherein 80mph happens
at 3200rpm.  I assume everyone has seen Charlie's site at:
http://elektro.cmhnet.org/~charlie/photos/cars/01E/trans.html  My
mileage I think is in the low twenties, though, sometimes see high
twenties or thirties cruising, but not as an average.  

> > tweaks. Firstly, will the gearbox handle the power
> > and torque of the 20v
> > turbo,
> The hedged answer is we think so.  I'm running it as
> snip considering 5spd. 01E options as well.
> What do the rest of you already driving your 
> conversions think?

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