[Es2] Wiring...

Alexander van Gerbig avangerb at zoo.uvm.edu
Sun Mar 21 23:17:10 EST 2004

    In the wait for some parts to finish building up the motor I had a
chance to dig into the wiring on the 90.  I hadn't really taken a full
glance at what the setup was, thinking things would be somewhat similar to
the S4, not exact what I was envisioning.  Harness on the driver's side,
starter, battery positive, mainly everything in the engine bay aside from
the headlights ends up in the "engine harness" on the 90.

    Original plans, which I am still following to a degree, was to feed the
90 harness back into the car, feed the AAN harness into the car and begin
the interconnecting between the two and whatever else needed to get done up.
At this stage of the game I ended up doing a few things I hadn't
anticipated, like hacking parts of the 7A motor harness apart for total
removal.  I removed all of the protective sheathing on the entire harness,
pulled unused engine wiring into the ECU plugs across the dash area.  In the
end only about 10 wires remain between the driver's side of the dash and the
ECU plugs.  The oil psi system, the main positive, the starter, all of the
wiring unassociated directly with the ECU remains intact.  Now it would seem
the trick is to get the AAN harness in, across to the passenger's side, and
start connecting things up via the remaining 10 wires that go up into the
rats nest.  Once that is done the additional wiring in the AAN harness can
be excised but from the inside out.  Hopefully in the end this will leave a
totally separate motor harness except for 10 or so connections (probably
going to use a 15-20 prong plug to do this under the dash) and a separate
"engine bay" harness that is the leftovers from the 7A harness wrapped by

    I have a feeling this is a tad unorthodox, yes/no?  I wanted to keep the
usable wiring from the 7A harness intact without diving into rewiring all of
the systems that the AAN harness also has mixed into it.  I don't come out
with a usable 7A harness to sell, but I may have cutout a large amount of
wiring diagram searching and rewiring, may being the key word.  It does
require getting some nice Wurth harness tape and rewrapping both harnesses
when all is said and done, but that's no biggy to me.

    What are you all doing for wiring, full original harness pull and
replace with the donor harness?


Alexander van Gerbig


Waitsfield, VT 05673

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