[Es2] Coupe Transmissions?

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon May 3 11:35:01 EDT 2004

> I am running the stock CQ gearbox with CQ clutch, flywheel and pressure
> However, I cannot tell you how it works as I have yet to drive the car.
> From what I've heard though, this stock set up should hold up.

Ditto, ditto, and ditto.  The only difference is that I will be using a
lightened flywheel.  No racing clutch.  I have heard every possible
prediction from "you will be fine" to "your tranny is going to blow apart
during the first track event."  My prediction is that I will get some slip,
maybe lots of slip, it will be annoying, and I'll move-on to installing the
01E 5-speed that I have from my UrS4.  The only reason I didn't do it in the
first place was a) to delay the additional time, money, and effort it will
take to use the other transmission, and b) for the experience of using both
trannies with this motor.  I'm very close to getting this car to move and
I'll report my findings immediately.


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