[Es2] Time estimate?

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Tue May 4 10:04:31 EDT 2004

It's all in the preparation.  The total time including research and
gathering of parts will easily exceed 100 hours.
If you count just actaul change over time, it could be done in 40-50 hours
if you have everything ready to go.
That is an estimate because I don't know of anyone that has actually had
everything ready.
The original eS2 is currently on Ebay and bid to $25,000...

Dave K.
building eS2 ever so slowly.

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> Anybody have a round-about estimate as to how much time it will take me to
> put a 3b into my coupe? I've heard everywhere from 100 hours to forever.
> trying to see if it's worth the effort. Thanks. Mike
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