[Es2] Time estimate?

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
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Hi Mike,

Just to give you an idea, I'm nearly finished what I would consider a very
thorough e//S2 conversion (engine, suspension, interior stuff, etc...) and
my car has been off the road for 11 months. It's strictly been a weekend
project, so if I were to total up the hours I would say about 300. (Half of
which were probably spent on wiring!) However, before I took the coupe off
the road, I spent probably another 80-100 hours pulling the 3B and its
harness and cleaning/sandblasting/painting the engine. I wouldn't be
surprised if another 100 hours were spent doing research and searching for
parts. So 500 hours is not inconceivable for a project of this scope.
Granted, before this I had very limited mechanical experience, but it's
still pretty involved. As Dave said, preparation is key. The more parts you
can collect before you start, the better. That way you minimize down time.
It's not always easy knowing exactly what you need, but there are enough of
us here that could assemble a pretty comprehensive list.
A good set of metric tools and the Bentley manuals for both cars are



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> Anybody have a round-about estimate as to how much time it will take me to
> put a 3b into my coupe? I've heard everywhere from 100 hours to forever.
> trying to see if it's worth the effort. Thanks. Mike
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