[Es2] I checked my fan today it works and it's three speeds.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Tue May 4 17:34:21 EDT 2004

Figured I send you guys an email. 

The motor that I have is working fine. The terminals are a little nasty looking but I can clean them up with the dremel.

I tested it with some extra wires that I made and it's definately a three speed fan.  I think it doesn't run at full blast because the position 6 relay is only a 40 amp relay.  

Position 6 would be the "radiator cooling fan high speed relay"

I am probably going to source a 50 or 70 amp relay plop that in and see how things go.  I think it's that simple for having three speeds.

So once again if your interested.

Ron at the Thepartsconnection.com can get it for $225.00 and it fits directly on the stock 7a fan cowl.  It's rated at 350watts and is the same fan found in 3b s2s in europe.

Less money I have to spend. 

Once I get the relay I will be able to commit to everything working for three speeds.


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