[Es2] i posted this on audi world.. but here you go for suspension top mounts:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Wed May 5 19:44:58 EDT 2004

857 412 323b 

urq blue strut mount 

857 urq 

412 suspension 

323 part # 

B version of strut top if modified: 

A being first 
b second 
C third 
d etc. 

So.. 857412323b Hypothetically speaking.. Some times there are flaws in the system, is the same part only with a different first 3 digit body stamp then 8a0412323b 

Guess how much you can get 8a0412323B for???? 

$20.52 ;-) 

I don't have 8a0412323b in front of me, nor do I have 857412323b in front of me.. but by the #s.. thats what you get. 

How much is 857412323b 
List Price : $135.54 
Your Price: $110.89 

Just to note: audi even says that D is better than B. 

"strut bearing front superceded by 8a0412323d" 

So.. who going to fork out the cash? and compare 
857412323b to 8a0412323b 

This is all hypothetically speaking based upon part #s alone. So don't quote me yet. 

But have fun thinking about it for the guys who bought the blues and forked out the benjamins. 


p.s. like I said dont' quote me yet.. not until I get 8a0412323b. 

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