[Es2] oil return hole

Tom Saltino saltinot at alltel.net
Thu May 6 08:12:57 EDT 2004

Has anyone ever used an AAN block that has the inlet for the oil return feed hose in the side of the block and converted to the ABY/ADU style A/C compressor bracket?

I've got a RS2 oil pan with the return line from the turbo running straight into the oil pan, but now I've got a hole in the block where the line used to go.  The slider bracket for the compressor bracket now mounts to this point, but it doesn't close off the hole.  Is there a plate available from Audi that caps the hole off or do I just need to have a machine shop make me one???

Also, anybody got a ABY or ADU crank pulley/vibration damper that they would like to get rid of??

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