[Es2] Connectors

Andy AndrewS at Columbus.rr.com
Wed May 12 18:53:41 EDT 2004

Thanks for the heads up on the flywheel.  I was looking at the test pins,
the sync pin is located on the engine side.

Now I am researching the wiring for the 3B and have studied KOKO's
spreadsheets.  So I am making a list of all the connectors and what I have
to do to each to complete the wiring.  It will be a comprehensive list of
all plugs, splices, relays, power and ground connections to be made.

So far all connectors except 4 have been identified.  I am wondering if
anyone knows what they are?   Pictures are posted at www.Andrew.Suttner.us 

The first two are attached to the red part of the wiring harness via a
rubber boot and thereafter run through black plastic sleeve. The first is a
round brown colored 3 connector and the second is a flat black colored 5

Third is a heavy duty black colored 6 connector located midway between the
previous two and the instrument cluster.

Last is a flat Black colored 6 connector and located is located very close
to Fuse/Relay Panel.

Will post the wiring list to the group after it is tested, that is when the
engine starts!



Andrew Suttner

'91 Coupe Quattro w/3B close by

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