[Es2] "Cranky" (eS2 project report)

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed May 19 11:16:18 EDT 2004

Thanks, Ben.  Actually, I don't have ALL of the wiring figured-out.  That's
what I meant about going back and doing the mundane chores like alternator
warning lights and reverse lights (yawn).  Once my car had power to the fuse
box, my brake lights were on at all times, so I need to fix that (probably
just the pedal switch is mal-adjusted).  Also, my auto-check was pissed-off
because I had removed half of the systems that it checks.  I will need to
figure-out ways to trick it, so that I'm not looking at non-applicable
warning lights all the time.  Lots more stuff to do, but I'm also giddy with
what I saw.  Matt and ALJ had some good advice on the fuel pump, so I will
be pursuing their leads.

Thanks again,


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