[Es2] "Cranky" (eS2 project report)

Alexander van Gerbig avangerb at zoo.uvm.edu
Wed May 19 18:15:36 EDT 2004

    Well I am dreading the first cranking of my 90q20v project.  So far the
started has been tapped a few times to confirm the fuel pump wiring is
proper, and somehow when the key is turned the fuel pump turns on and the
injectors spray gasoline all over the wall in the garage.  Strangely enough
the check engine light still hanging around on the AAN wiring harness does
not light up, but the ECU fires up for sure and the FPR powers up the pump
and the other components it powers up.

    Unfortunately no intake manifold, looks like it's time to custom
something up just to get this beast on the road, someone offered a custom
job that had yet to be welded, but have yet to see the piece.  You would
think someone could lay their hands on something for me, had an MTM on order
for a sum that hurts to think about, but 4 to 5 weeks was unreasonable at
the time, considering a Wagner had been offered, but the seller ran away.
So it if I had stuck with that purchase it would be arriving in a week, erm.
Still to do some wiring, gauges, exhaust from DP back, intake passage which
is on infinite delay due to the unavailability of 2.75" silicone connectors
according to ATP, they may show up in a day or 2-3 weeks, they must be mined
for in a small foreign country, oh there is also more to do...

    The NPR intercooler fits quite well with a modified B4 core support, now
to fab up permanent brackets, clears RS2 Headlight like it was designed to.

    Well Jimmy wicked glad to hear the progress, a shame she didn't fire up.
I know she will soon and it will be a joyous event for all;)  As a side
story, nobody should get discouraged too badly with these projects.  A
garage mate spent a solid 3-4 days hammering away at his VR6 Supercharge
motor installation.  The head was refurb'd by a local engine shop, the
bottom end was dismantled, block honed, crank and rods blueprinted, and so
forth.  He assembled the motor with a friend, plopped it in the Jetta,
buttoned everything up, cranked her over.  Nothing but fuel vapor from
everywhere, the valve breather, the oil cap, and so on.  After much ado with
fueling and plugs I checked compression on the motor with them, low and one
really low piston.  Well he went off planning to sell everything, return a
junkyard motor to the Jetta and sell it.  A cool down few days, one junkyard
VR6 motor, 23 hours of solid work, and 5lbs of supercharged VR6 on a
junkyard motor came barreling down the road this past Sunday and pulled up
to the garage door with a very excited friend at the wheel.  Quite a nice
little car, running R32 wheels, Golf front end, a neat little machine and
quick to boot.  Never give up on these projects, maybe put them away for a
bit though;)

    Good Luck Jimmy!

    Someone find me a Wagner, MTM, or copy forwards opening intake manifold


Alexander van Gerbig

Waitsfield, VT 05673

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