[Es2] RS2 light question

Tom Mullane tmullane at snet.net
Sat May 22 19:19:15 EDT 2004


This is sorta off topic for this list, but I know someone here will have the
answer, so here goes...

I am putting RS2 headlights in my 1991 Coupe.  Since I'm using the stock
bumper I will be using the city lights as both parking lights and turn
signals.  To accomplish this, I am using a trailer light adaptor.  The
problem I have is that the light blinks fast, so I need to add a resistor.
Has anyone done this?  Can you recommend something weather proof, or do I
need to go to Radio shack, buy a regular resistor, and bury it in heat
shrink wrap or something?

For the Autocheck system, how do I disable the bulb check and make the
system think the headlights are still there?  Same as the 200 procedure on
Chris's site?

Last question is more of a request.  My front cross member is damaged.  If
anyone has changed over to the S2 cross member with the intercooler pipe and
want to sell their original cross member, please let me know.  I'm also
looking for an aux rad.


Tom Mullane
Glastonbury, CT

1995.5 S6
1991 Coupe (injured)
1996 A6 Avant (borrowed by Mom for "a few days" over a month ago)
1999 A6 (wife's ride)

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