[Es2] Remote Oil Filter

Andy Suttner andrews at columbus.rr.com
Tue Nov 2 18:10:59 EST 2004

Getting to the point where the engine is going in to the car and had a
question about the remote oil filter. I remember someone saying that you
have to use one because of interference with something. However, i cannot
remember what it was that is sopposed to interfere with it. We fabbed up the
oil line that goes to the pan extention. So i think if that is it we could
possibly use the stock oil filter position? Could someone help my memory
here please? We have all the wires laid out with both the CQ and 200
harnesses in the car with all the wires marked weather they are used or not.
Hopefully the wiring goes smoothly and the car will be started in less than
a week. Im getting excited about hearing the engine and seeing my car come
to life after almost 2 years. TIA


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