[Es2] Coupe # 2 and the story that comes with it.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sat Nov 13 22:40:05 EST 2004

Hi guys

I drove up to Milford, NH today to meet chris from Force5auto.com   He trailered the coupe home to me.  To protect my little investment I am spending the weekend diagnosing the car.  So far I am happy with my choice in buying this coupe.   Electrically, it is in better shape than my first coupe.  The first coupe has 66,000 miles on it and this one has 214,000 miles on it.  Mostly the previous owner is to blame for all the electrical blunders on the 66,000 mile coupe.  Mainly I am pulling the interior out to get rid of the carpets and the water.  Seemingly it's leaking in a lot of spots and i don't want the electrical wires to be harmed and I don't want rust to take affect on the inside of the coupe.

It has it's typical problems.

powersteering pump
brake accumulator
crank breater hose
rear hatch lock
passenger door power lock
leaky hatch
Aux relay panel needs to be replaced
a bunch of after market sound system wires has to be pulled
fuel line need to be replaced
aux radiator junk
rear tie rods need a rebuild( I am going to look into this option)
Coolant tank is yucky
crack windshield
cracked rear tailight
..... and on and on..

Tomorrow the list will get huge, but it doesn't bother me.
I have a week to play with before I store it for a while.  I am going to finish the other coupe first, before I jump into this beast.

Working on this coupe is certainly a nice break.  Not only do I get to appreciate the distance I have traveled in building the first one but I get to see how quicky I can diagnose the second one.  It's a great feeling looking at it both ways.  At times it's hard to reason with myself with picking up the second coupe.  If you have been reading my email you guys know I am some what young to be doing all this crazyness.   However I am not spoiled.  I have paid for all this myself and thats something that also puts a smile on my face.  Basically this second coupe is a dual purpose car.  First The money I put into it will spent via my credit card.  I didn't get a credit card till a year ago.  Which is somewhat of a good thing. However it was also some what of a bad thing.  I have perfect credit and I am going to use this car to help build a better financial situation in my life.  One of these two car will be sold.  Hopefully I will get the price I want for them.  Possibly both of them will be sold.  I want to fix up houses more than I want to work on cars.   Newport, RI is a mecca for rental properties.  I would like to own quite a few houses that I rent out at some point in my life.

Manual labor is not fun.  I can handle it now because I am young but I would like to sit back a little and enjoy the ride when I get to be in my thirties.

So thats the story and I am sticking to it. :-)

P.S. if your curious my powersteering/brake pump was fine.  The bearing poped out(when I took it apart) and I had to order a drag link socket to get the pistons out so I could get it back in.  I am not sure exactly whats wrong but I am not going to stress over it.   I am going to switch over to a vacumn booster on this other coupe that I just picked up.  



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