[Es2] Coupe # 2 continued:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sun Nov 14 23:31:38 EST 2004


Another day, another night.

Today was somewhat productive.  This will be the last email on this particular coupe for a while since it doesn't really cover the ES2 list topics.  

Some positives:  Rebuilt calipers all around. It ran for while.  Actually sound preity good.  I was able to clean some of the carpets with Castrol super clean. Newish ball joints  Some what new radiator and fan. Some what new allternator.   Some what new exhaust.


taillights leak
door seals leak
Cracked winshield leaks
Rust around top left corner of windshield( not bad but discouraging) Who am I to complain thought with 214,000 miles.
Rear subframe is starting to rot
left tail light is cracked preity badly
The wires on the ignition switch have been spliced.
(Car actually didn't start after I pulled the sounds system wiring out.)  
power door lock broken on the passenger door
lower rubber trim molding suck balls

I still haven't even really diagnosed the engine bay yet either.  

The best part of the night:  

Well. Normally I work on the car alone.  There is this kid justin that comes by and helps me here and there.  His father helped me get out of trouble alot when I was young and dumb and pissed off at the world.  His pops actually taught me how to play golf and at one pt in my life I was a single digit handicapper.  I guess in return for his help, I have been letting his son work on the car with me.  Well now his other son is working on the car with me also.  There is a bit of responsibility here but it's a great feeling knowing I am doing something in return.  I taught Ryan how to loosen the wheels, jack up the car and take the wheels off.  Sounds simple enough.  But he had this huge smile on his face.  

Hopefully the man way up stairs keeps track of good deeds.



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