[Es2] Project Update...

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 11:38:52 EST 2004

Its has been a while and my project is starting to
enter the next level.  It has also taken an
interesting turn.  I just purchased another CQ which I
now plan to use as the recipient of the 20vt.  Why? 
Because I bought Harrison Blackwood's modified Lago
Blue CQ!  Cosmetically, it will need a re-spray, but
it has a number of performance mods that I will have
had to bought otherwise.  For example, it already has
coil-overs, 13" rotors and Brembo 4-piston calipers. 
I figure I would have been able to do that for no less
than 2k, instead I bought this car for $3,500 and it
comes with 17" BBS wheels, the original speedlines, S2
white face gauges, tons of extra parts (go to
www.killjoy.net for all the details) and I basically
still have my coupe for a daily driver!  I am picking
it up on Dec. 11th to drive it back to Salt Lake. 
Hopefully I can immediately begin pulling the engine
to make room for the 20vt!!!  I am very pleased with
the purchase and excited to finally move forward with
this project.


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