[Es2] Turbo to Intercooler hose....

Darin Adlard audilard at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 11:06:36 EST 2004

What is the diameter of the turbo to intercooler hose
from the 200 20vt where it connects to the crossover
pipe?  I have the S2 intercooler from the early 3B S2
engine bay (the one that points towards the side of
the car instead of towards the turbo) and am curious
if I can cut the end pipe off the intercooler, weld a
bend in, and then reweld the end back on pointing
towards the turbo and then use a factory 3B turbo to
intercooler hose(or buy a samco)?  Are the diameters
the same?  Does this make sense?


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