[Es2] Big Brakes

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That's the same setup I posted about earlier today.
Much greater brake torque up front than the G60s.  Rears are along for
the ride.  I recommend sending some more hydraulic pressure to the rear
brakes to balance things out.  I used a tilton proportioning valve after
removing the stock valve.

Note that it fits under the urs4 16" wheels, but not much else.  So, if
you don't want to go to 17's, weigh your options.  You won't need this
big a setup unless you're on track a lot.  Keep in mind this setup is
used on the big 3800# urS4/6 cars...

You can test fit if you are near MA.  Let me know.

Chris (with urs4 wheels for summer, and another set for winter)

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Is this the "cleanest" solution?  Looks good except for the minor point
of filing those pins.  I like the idea of all Porsche/Audi factory
Any reports on how this system works?
What about the brake bias, does it need to be changed and how?


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>Here is an option:
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