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I am fairly sure I can get the parts for $1k or less with some keen 
I'm not a poser so I will not spend $ to fill up the empty space in my 17" 
wheels.  I will however spend it to make the car stop better.
100mph on the road is the same as 100 mph on the track so good brakes are 
important everywhere.


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> The Coupe and S2 use the same brakes as they used on the urS4/6 here in
> the states, the G60.  With a good bomb, good condition rotors, and
> agressive pads, that's all you'll need on the street (and good tires;
> big factor in braking).  I don't know the cost of S2 rotors here in the
> states; that may be a small factor to also consider.
> If you go to big wheels (17's for example) they'll look a bit small, and
> the rears will look very small.  If you're doing this for looks, that's
> something else entirely.
> So, costs (no idea if this is real; off the top of my head guesses):
> porsche calipers  $500
> porsche pads      $125
> a8 rotors         $150
> rs2 adaptors      $150
> 8 bolts           $20
> brake lines       $80
> S2 hubs           $400
> rear disks        $90
> new wheel bearings x 4  $300
> new 5-bolt wheels       $500
> proportioning valve  $60
> --------------------------------
> $2375.  Plus labor if needed.  You may be able to save a bunch off this;
> perhaps not.
> I think that sounds expensive; what did you pay for the car?  for the
> motor?  similar figures?
> (I did it because I had the brakes already, and some other parts were
> free/cheap.  And I track the car.)
> $75 for rs2 brackets
> had the calipers/bolts/lines/pads from parts car.
> $250 for S2 parts incl. bearings and rotors?  forget actual costs.
> $50 for proportioning valve
> rotors given me
> had some wheels, traded parts for others.
> Sold G60s, 4-bolt wheels...  Etc.
> Chris
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> So... worth the $?
> I won't be tracking my car but I enjoy the performance of good brakes.
> My E36 M3 felt like it hit a wall when you nailed the brakes.
> Miller, Chris wrote:
>>That's the same setup I posted about earlier today.
>>Much greater brake torque up front than the G60s.  Rears are along for
>>the ride.  I recommend sending some more hydraulic pressure to the rear
>>brakes to balance things out.  I used a tilton proportioning valve
>>after removing the stock valve.
>>Note that it fits under the urs4 16" wheels, but not much else.  So, if
>>you don't want to go to 17's, weigh your options.  You won't need this
>>big a setup unless you're on track a lot.  Keep in mind this setup is
>>used on the big 3800# urS4/6 cars...
>>You can test fit if you are near MA.  Let me know.
>>Chris (with urs4 wheels for summer, and another set for winter)
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>>Is this the "cleanest" solution?  Looks good except for the minor point
>>of filing those pins.  I like the idea of all Porsche/Audi factory
>>Any reports on how this system works?
>>What about the brake bias, does it need to be changed and how?
>>Bluemaxww1 at aol.com wrote:
>>>Here is an option:
>>>_Fourtitude  Forums: Porsche 996 brakes on a 90 coupe_
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