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Most of us are not posers on this list; takes too much work to do the
project in the first place.
I've driven the coupe and other 20v cars on the track, high speed
braking from 115 mph, and the G60s do fine, no fading, etc.  Big brakes
don't really do too much except allow repeated stops from high speed
without increased fade.  You might stop a bit faster, and the brake
pedal might be firmer, etc.  But those are the biggest brakes that Audi
used in the USA through the mid '90s, on a small platform car.  

The G60s are pretty heavy; probably not a big weight difference from the
Porsche brakes.  One option I might consider is a two-piece rotor and
lighter wheels; less unsprung weight would improve road feel.


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I am fairly sure I can get the parts for $1k or less with some keen
I'm not a poser so I will not spend $ to fill up the empty space in my
wheels.  I will however spend it to make the car stop better.
100mph on the road is the same as 100 mph on the track so good brakes
are important everywhere.


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> The Coupe and S2 use the same brakes as they used on the urS4/6 here
> the states, the G60.  With a good bomb, good condition rotors, and
> agressive pads, that's all you'll need on the street (and good tires;
> big factor in braking).  I don't know the cost of S2 rotors here in
> states; that may be a small factor to also consider.
> If you go to big wheels (17's for example) they'll look a bit small,
> the rears will look very small.  If you're doing this for looks,
> something else entirely.
> So, costs (no idea if this is real; off the top of my head guesses):
> porsche calipers  $500
> porsche pads      $125
> a8 rotors         $150
> rs2 adaptors      $150
> 8 bolts           $20
> brake lines       $80
> S2 hubs           $400
> rear disks        $90
> new wheel bearings x 4  $300
> new 5-bolt wheels       $500
> proportioning valve  $60
> --------------------------------
> $2375.  Plus labor if needed.  You may be able to save a bunch off
> perhaps not.
> I think that sounds expensive; what did you pay for the car?  for the
> motor?  similar figures?
> (I did it because I had the brakes already, and some other parts were
> free/cheap.  And I track the car.)
> $75 for rs2 brackets
> had the calipers/bolts/lines/pads from parts car.
> $250 for S2 parts incl. bearings and rotors?  forget actual costs.
> $50 for proportioning valve
> rotors given me
> had some wheels, traded parts for others.
> Sold G60s, 4-bolt wheels...  Etc.
> Chris
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> So... worth the $?
> I won't be tracking my car but I enjoy the performance of good brakes.
> My E36 M3 felt like it hit a wall when you nailed the brakes.
> Miller, Chris wrote:
>>That's the same setup I posted about earlier today.
>>Much greater brake torque up front than the G60s.  Rears are along for
>>the ride.  I recommend sending some more hydraulic pressure to the
>>brakes to balance things out.  I used a tilton proportioning valve
>>after removing the stock valve.
>>Note that it fits under the urs4 16" wheels, but not much else.  So,
>>you don't want to go to 17's, weigh your options.  You won't need this
>>big a setup unless you're on track a lot.  Keep in mind this setup is
>>used on the big 3800# urS4/6 cars...
>>You can test fit if you are near MA.  Let me know.
>>Chris (with urs4 wheels for summer, and another set for winter)
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>>Is this the "cleanest" solution?  Looks good except for the minor
>>of filing those pins.  I like the idea of all Porsche/Audi factory
>>Any reports on how this system works?
>>What about the brake bias, does it need to be changed and how?
>>Bluemaxww1 at aol.com wrote:
>>>Here is an option:
>>>_Fourtitude  Forums: Porsche 996 brakes on a 90 coupe_
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