[Es2] Big Brakes

Dave Kase desmo888 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 19 19:58:20 EST 2004

Yeah, I know this list contains only serious folks, AW has the poser angle 

I will do what you suggest and get some better pads.  Now that's a whole 
other thing to investigate....

Thanks for your help Chris.


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> Most of us are not posers on this list; takes too much work to do the
> project in the first place.
> I've driven the coupe and other 20v cars on the track, high speed
> braking from 115 mph, and the G60s do fine, no fading, etc.  Big brakes
> don't really do too much except allow repeated stops from high speed
> without increased fade.  You might stop a bit faster, and the brake
> pedal might be firmer, etc.  But those are the biggest brakes that Audi
> used in the USA through the mid '90s, on a small platform car.
> The G60s are pretty heavy; probably not a big weight difference from the
> Porsche brakes.  One option I might consider is a two-piece rotor and
> lighter wheels; less unsprung weight would improve road feel.
> Chris
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> I am fairly sure I can get the parts for $1k or less with some keen
> shopping.
> I'm not a poser so I will not spend $ to fill up the empty space in my
> 17"
> wheels.  I will however spend it to make the car stop better.
> 100mph on the road is the same as 100 mph on the track so good brakes
> are important everywhere.
> Dave

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