[Es2] Big Brakes/Dave Brake Bias

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Sat Nov 20 11:22:06 EST 2004

Hi Dave,
No problems on the pins, measuring the pads, you would have to get down to  
Zero pad before you would see any problem.  It has been on the car for a  
couple of months and nothing has fallen off.  I haven't started pushing it  yet, 
due to slow break in of the pads, but it does slow down better with less  effort.
As for brake bias, I upgrade the rears at the same time.  I am  basically 
running the same brakes as an A8.  I actually seem to be getting  more brake dust 
from the rears.
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davekase at pdqlocks.com writes:

Is this  the "cleanest" solution?  Looks good except for the minor point 
of  filing those pins.  I like the idea of all Porsche/Audi factory  parts.
Any reports on how this system works?
What about the brake bias,  does it need to be changed and how?


Bluemaxww1 at aol.com  wrote:

>Here is an option:
>_Fourtitude  Forums:  Porsche 996 brakes on a 90 coupe_  

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