[Es2] 5000km report...

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Thu Nov 25 11:37:22 EST 2004

Well I've hit 5k kms since the conversion was completed and up to a few days ago when I was first going to write this little update the car had performed flawlessly. However, two nights ago I pulled in to the garage after about a 15 minute drive in normal conditions, stepped out of the car and heard a loud "pop" followed by the sound of gushing liquid. I knew right away that it had to be coolant. So I opened the hood to find that the small hose going down from the main rad hose to the after run pump had popped off its coupling (I have it coupled to another length of hose with a plastic coupling in order to reach the pump). No big deal, since nothing broke. Just a matter of re-attaching the hose and refilling the system. So I filled the reservoir to the "min" line, started the engine and let it run for a good 15 minutes until the fan came on a couple of times. The whole time I had the cap off the reservoir to keep a close eye on the level, adding coolant when the level went down. I did this until the coolant bubbled out of the reservoir a bit. Put the cap on and drove it around for about 10 minutes without problem or warning. Temperature was normal. Took it to the car wash to get all the coolant off of the engine and then drove home again without problem. The next morning before I started the engine I checked the coolant level and it had settled down just a bit so I topped it up. About one minute in to my drive to work (temp hadn't even registered on the gauge yet) I get a coolant warning on the autocheck. I litterally live 4 blocks from work so I drove in to the parking garage at the office and checked the coolant level. It was normal. Any idea why I'm getting the warning? Is it just air in the system that needs to escape?


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