[Es2] I may have found an allternative to the pressure accumulator

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Fri Nov 26 16:24:42 EST 2004

Hi everyone

I spent about 5 hours in the junk yard today.  I got:
front lower subframe, sway bar, forged control arms, coolant tank, some hoses, metal breather hose, nuts and bolts and alot of ideas for $50.00.   It looks to be all replacement parts too.  I want to minimize down time on the second coupe quattro as much as possible.

I spent alot of time looking through vws and audi.  I had etka and it's good and all but some times seeing it with  your eye's is alot nicer.  For example the golf III jetta III cars share the same heater core and box as our cars.  The golf II's share the same coolant tank cap.  Little things but they add up savings as long as they work.  Quantums have the same front subframes as our cars and it had a sway bar.  I am not sure what size but I need to find out.

So anyways.  The vw foxes AC system uses a pressure accumulator that looks very similar to the pressure accumulator found in our cars.  It has two electrical connectors on it.  I am thinking one of them could be used as a port( is that the word I want?) to refill these accumulators when they go low.

I couldn't get it off because I didn't have the right tools but I will look into it some more. I probably will go back and get it at some point. 



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