[Es2] 3B 200 donor car for sale

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Nov 29 08:50:21 EST 2004

Six years ago when my bro-in-law was looking for a second car to do his
commute from Virginia to NY (!) I steered him to a '91 200 that George
Baxter had in his shop.  It's been a great car for him, but he's ready
to move on.  It has about 190K on it.  In general it seems like a solid
car: starts/runs great, no smoke, good oil pressure and boost.  The high
miles are virtually all driving back and forth on 95.  It is a pretty
good car as it sits, grey/grey, body is good.  It is notchy going into
1st/2nd, which I assume is a linkage issue.  Cruise doesn't work, and
someone lost the radio codes.  UFOs in good shape.  Reasonable tires.
He is just now starting to think about selling it so I don't think has
settled on an ask but I am guessing it is $4-5K.   It's been well
maintained, has never been chipped, would be a great donor for a swap.

PS: would someone plse forward to 20v;200;quattro lists?  I'm not

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