[Es2] Haven't been this happy in a while: Brake problem solved?

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Mon Nov 29 18:10:47 EST 2004

Hi everyone

I solved the brake problem.  I suspect I have this problem.  I like having many things going on at once.  There was a point in my life where nothing seemingly happened and anything that did happen was negative.  So now I fill my time up, to the pt where I go overboard all the time.   Something I am learning I guess: how to manage my time.  

I don't know.  My mind has been searching for answers for a while now.  Brake accumulator, brake master cylinder, servo, the pump... etc..  Soo many possibilities.  So many more potential problems if I mess with them.   For some reason I decided to leave it alone. I farted around with the other coupe, trying to save it enough to where I could drive it to and from storage.  I am being forced now to put a car in storage(not happy).  So I have been working diligently on getting this (es2) into storage.   The allternator belt I noticed was slipping.  That's been solved.  This brake problem, floats in the back of my mind.

Well.. it's a damn vacumn line.  

I had the rear diff line attached to the check vavle on the side of the vacumn resivor.  This seemingly causes pressure in the brake system?

I don't really understand why this f'd things up. I am happy it was a simple fix.  If anything I learned about the insides of the powersteering pump.  Any time I am learning ussually I am happy with the situation even if failure is still happening.

It's getting there.  Having two of them, makes me really realize and appreciate all the effort I have put into this coupe.  I finally can sit back and start to enjoy all this effort.  Something I normally don't get to do.  Especially in my working environment.

Once again thanks for being patient with me.


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