[Es2] Battery box more info:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sat Oct 2 01:20:31 EDT 2004

Hi guys.

Actually I just ordered one from this company:


this one in black:

$99.00+ shipping.

Works with my D34 optima battery.

i like the base plate design.  The problem with the battery boxes I were looking at is that the postion for the screw holes were to close to the edge.  In the boot of the coupe it tapers off lower towards the tailights and you only have a little bit of room to work with. I believe this box should do the trick. If anything I will be able to use at least three of the screw holes if not all four.


Ps. it's getting very close to road worthy.  Beside my fuel problems I basically just need rear tie rods now.

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