[Es2] my 20vt project

mike mike at uncutproducts.com
Wed Oct 6 10:13:36 EDT 2004

Any clue as to how the aan harness compares to the 3B? I'm collecting parts & am trying to decide on aan or 3b. Any insight would help immensely. Thanks. Mike

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   > From: David Kase <davekase at pdqlocks.com>
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   > Sent: 06 Oct 2004 11:11:29
   >  Rick,
   >  I have not yet started my engine swap but have been gathering parts to
   >  do so.  In my limited research I think that if you are using a 200TQ
   >  harness you can use the same firewall hole.  I believe some of the wires
   >  in the engine compartment end up being a bit too long.  You can cut them
   >  down or bundle them as needed to get the right length.
   >  If you are using an S2 harness then you will likely want to cut a new
   >  hole on the driver's side just like the S2.
   >  As for rewiring, I believe you will want to remove the entire harness
   >  and replace it with the 3B harness.  I plan to mark where I removed each
   >  connection and transfer that information to the new harness since most
   >  of the wires will be the same.
   >  HTH (at least a little),
   >  Dave Kase
   >  Rick Houck wrote:
   >  >Jimmy,
   >  >
   >  >I have looked at your 20v turbo conversion web site and followed some of
   >  >your progress on your conversion.
   >  >I have been inquiring about my 20vt (3B) conversion project into a 1990
   >  >coupe
   >  >quattro, looking for some basic advice on getting started.
   >  >
   >  >I have always done most of my own work, including engines, transmissions,
   >  >brakes, body, etc. I have had 7 or 8 quattros and still have 5 or 6.  I have
   >  >four coupe quattros,
   >  >one 20v coupe for the street, one parts car, one that I transplanted a 10vt
   >  >engine into for track use only, and another that I am starting on now.
   >  >
   >  >I'm hoping you have a word of advice for me. I am comfortable with the
   >  >mechanical
   >  >issues, but when I started taking out the coupe wiring harness, the mess of
   >  >wires
   >  >started worrying me. On your project, how did you start the wiring? My old
   >  >harness has a few wires that I think will be needed, but I am inclined to
   >  >pull out the old one completely and then come back later to add the ones
   >  >needed. Did you start this way, or try to merge the two as you went along? I
   >  >would also like to know if you cut a new hole in the firewall or used the
   >  >original one. If so, where did you locate it?
   >  >
   >  >Any advice you can provide to help me get started will be greatly
   >  >appreciated. Thanks.
   >  >
   >  >Rick in Ohio
   >  >
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