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If I remember correctly, I removed the engine harness and then ended up disecting it on the garage floor and grafting the wires I needed back into the car. I really should have a look at my bentley again. I made clear notes as to what I kept from the 7A and what was new.

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  When you say there are bits of the harness you "kept" do you mean you untaped the entire harness while it was installed and separated these wires away from the ones that had to be removed?

  Dave K.
  watching this thread carefully...

  Ben Klumper wrote: 

On my project, I removed most of the 7A engine harness. There are bits and
pieces of the 7A wiring that I kept (coolant level warning, brake fluid
level warning, washer fluid level warning, headlamps, etc.). I can be more
exact if you need, it's just a matter of looking back at my bentley manual.
I notated every wiring step pretty well in there. In fact, I''ve been
meaning to post my notes, I just haven't got around to it yet. Basically you
want to look at and label everything on the 3B harness and whatever is
missing, keep from the 7A wiring.
Running the wiring through the firewall depends on where you locate the ECU.
I located my ECU in the stock 7A position tucked up behind the heater
core/evaporator unit. This necessitated cutting a new hole in the firewall,
just below where the battery box used to be. I can send you pics of that if
you'd like. Others have located their ECU under the steering column, which
allows the use of the existing hole.



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I have looked at your 20v turbo conversion web site and followed some of
your progress on your conversion.
I have been inquiring about my 20vt (3B) conversion project into a 1990
quattro, looking for some basic advice on getting started.

I have always done most of my own work, including engines, transmissions,
brakes, body, etc. I have had 7 or 8 quattros and still have 5 or 6.  I
  four coupe quattros,
one 20v coupe for the street, one parts car, one that I transplanted a
  engine into for track use only, and another that I am starting on now.

I'm hoping you have a word of advice for me. I am comfortable with the
issues, but when I started taking out the coupe wiring harness, the mess
started worrying me. On your project, how did you start the wiring? My old
harness has a few wires that I think will be needed, but I am inclined to
pull out the old one completely and then come back later to add the ones
needed. Did you start this way, or try to merge the two as you went along?
  would also like to know if you cut a new hole in the firewall or used the
original one. If so, where did you locate it?

Any advice you can provide to help me get started will be greatly
appreciated. Thanks.

Rick in Ohio

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