[Es2] my 20vt project

Rick Houck rhouck at neo.rr.com
Wed Oct 6 22:42:13 EDT 2004

Ben, Josh, Dave, Peter, Andrew, John, and Mike,

Thanks for all the good feedback. To be perfectly honest, the wire bundles
are packed so tight under the fuse box that I would welcome cutting a new
hole in the firewall for the new harness. Even a "simple" wiring change gets
MUCH more difficult when you factor in the trouble of moving large stiff
bundles around to see where a wire leads. That doesn't even include trying
to cut 15 year old tape wrap with gooey adhesive sticking all over your

Ben, I would love to see where your harness comes through. I want to use the
stock coupe ECU location, but I want to be sure to locate the hole where it
will not interfere with something else. If I were not planning to keep the
AC, I would just go through that large hole. Did you keep yours, too? I will
take care of any extra wire length by coiling it somewhere.

The coupe engine harness seems to have wires going everywhere, including the
instrument cluster area, fuse box, relay panel, and somewhere under the
right side carpet. I did notice an oil temp sensor wire and a couple of
others going to the right side of the engine bay in the main harness. I am
assuming that other wires for the brake, hydraulic, and coolant reservoirs,
fan, and some other left side things will also need to be preserved. I have
not yet put the two wiring diagrams next to each other to compare, but I
don't think they tell what wires are in what harness. Do they?

Any photos would help me grasp the scope of the wiring changes, and of
course any notes you made would be helpful to everyone who wants to start
their own project.

Many thanks for the good feedback and your patience and understanding. BTW,
my project is a true resurrection of my 47k miles "parts" car. This car was
down to just the tub that had to be moved by forklift. I have truly seen
every nut and bolt in it.

Rick in Ohio

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> Rick,
> On my project, I removed most of the 7A engine harness. There are bits and
> pieces of the 7A wiring that I kept (coolant level warning, brake fluid
> level warning, washer fluid level warning, headlamps, etc.). I can be more
> exact if you need, it's just a matter of looking back at my bentley
> I notated every wiring step pretty well in there. In fact, I''ve been
> meaning to post my notes, I just haven't got around to it yet. Basically
> want to look at and label everything on the 3B harness and whatever is
> missing, keep from the 7A wiring.
> Running the wiring through the firewall depends on where you locate the
> I located my ECU in the stock 7A position tucked up behind the heater
> core/evaporator unit. This necessitated cutting a new hole in the
> just below where the battery box used to be. I can send you pics of that
> you'd like. Others have located their ECU under the steering column, which
> allows the use of the existing hole.
> Ben

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