[Es2] Small update:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sat Oct 9 19:32:40 EDT 2004

Hi guys

Figured I send an email updating my "es2" progress.

The fuel line is currently fixed.  However there is a 5/16 compression fitting on it.  Not exactly my cup of tea but I need to run the motor long enough to settle all the issuses.


The vavle cover is leaking a tad bit of oil into the spark plug hole. Easy fix.

Fan speed hi 1 is fried.  The yellow ten terminal plug in has a nice roasted black spot on it.  This actually was easy to fix because I have the vag tools for pulling wires and I had another yellow matching plug in.  I'll have to take pictures of it.  Blows goats as I use to say back in highschool.

I was getting white smoke from the downpipe area but I labeled it as coolant "steam" from the block when I removed the coolant from the back of the block. Got me nervous to say the least.

I did have a water leak from the coolant pump but I replaced the coolant pump. So there is no more leaks.

I got a funky smell coming out of the dash heater vents and if it's a bad heater core I am going to be mightly pissed because I have had that dash out way too many times. If it is the heater core and I have a funny feeling it is I am going to wait a couple months before I tackle that issuse.  Enough to make decisions on what I want to do about some other issuses.

I understand now why the tcp pumps coolant backwards. It didnt' click in my brain till a couple hours ago.  It pumps it backwards becuase the thermostat in the block would be in the way.

Most of you know I have an aby block and a aby harness.  The swap was preity easy from an electrical stand point but I am noticing possibly a couple issuses.  The 20v 7a motor after run thermoswitch runs on a ground signal.  The aby after run thermoswitch runs on a positive signal.  I think this could of blown my fan setup but I am not sure.  Bumming to say the least but eh what can you do. 

As of right now my 7a after run relay has been converted to a 86,87,85,30 relay and I think this should solve that problem if it even is a problem.  Because fan speed hi 1 is blown it's hard to tell if everything works right.  Previously the wires were burned on the fan so I had to fix them and switch the hi 1 speed to the Hi II speed is as easy as switching terminals.  

THe battery box has yet to come and I am quite pissed about the subject and I will be calling up the place tueday since monday is a holiday.  

I ordered vagcom and next time I run the motor I will be using vagscope to help diagnose everything.

I also ordered a 2 3/8" by 2 3/4" reducer hose for the intercooler to crosspipe.  A good amount of the s2 owners in  europe seem to be doing this mod.  Basically it gets rid of the necessity for the O-ring in the intercooler.  I got it through.  www.turbohoses.com

I need to make some decisions now and then get the motor running again.

Seems like every obstacle conquered reveals another problem but what can you do.  It's going to make it on the road. 

I have to admit thought sometimes I feel like a fool.  

Quick story: I was checking the radiator thermoswitch and jumping 1 and 3 worked and put the hi II speed fan on. I attempted to jump 2 and three(ground and lowspeed) and nothing happed.   This becomes a two day affair. Realizing that the wire was fried I mentioned before and the fan Hi 1 is fried but after figuring out all of that and fixing everything it still did not work. What the f... So I am going nuts trying to figure it out.  The damn wires were twisted inside the rubber protective cover.  So when I looked at it 1 was 3 and 3 was 1.  Jumping them was fine but when I went to jump 2 and 3 I got nothing because it was infact 1.  SO I never made a ground connection and the fan motor would not run.  I didn't think to look inside the rubber cover because visually when I looked at it looked normal.  I am learning to look closer at things everyday.  This is the first audi I have owned and I am not 100% familar with everything yet but I am getting quite confident with working on these cars.

However there are those moments that just kick you right in the balls sometimes.


Lately it's been a little crazy with figuring out some stupid wiring issuses.

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