[Es2] No radiator fan= wtf?

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Wed Oct 13 01:50:18 EDT 2004

Hey guys.

I am having problems with getting the fan to turn on.  I diagnosed it to this very simple problem.  The thermoswitch in the radiator works.  I actually heated it up with it connected but not in the radiator and it turned the fan on.  I ran the car and it gets to 90c and nothing happens. 
My hi 1 speed fan is shot so I have it wired to Hi 2.  If I press ... ( i forgot which button but on the climate control the fan goes on).  

Here's my hyopothesis on the problem.  I think the thermostat is stuck or broken.Ibelieve it's not opening at all. I believe this is why I had some smoke from the turbo. I ran the motor a couple times but now I make sure the TCP pump goes on and I run the coolant system backwards to go around the thermostat.

Is it possible to remove the theromostat without taking the water pump off?  Seems like it's possible. I have to replace the fan and pull the radiator so I figured I am going to replace the thermostat too.

I have never seen directions on pulling the thermostat.  Easy enough?


I called the place that I ordered the battery box and complained and they said they would ship it out today. Sapposely it had to be built and then be sprayed.  

The coupe that I bought has a new fan in it. So I can going to pull it and put it in the "es2" project.  Ironically this 214,000 thousand mile coupe has more money put into the "new factory exhaust system" than what I paid for the whole car.  I find that to be funny.  I took the paper work on the car with me home, even thought I haven't picked it up yet.  I have to trailer it home because it's got too many typical coupe quattro issuses.  Funny I sold the crank breather setup to chris and this car's breather is completely collaped.

I don't remember but I am hoping the rear tie rods are in nice shape.  If they are I am going to pull them off and put them on the "es2" project which means once I figure out the fan issuse I can finally take it for a test drive.  

It's  a bit of a struggle as usual. But one not many people get to enjoy like I do. 


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