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Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
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True, but the other big variable is which state you live in.  Insurance
is governed state to state so if you live in NJ you have only one option
for agreed value, Chubb, who says take what we offer and you're lucky
we're still here at all...   
On my racecar I have storeage/paddock/transport insurance from
Parish-Heacock which covers $30K in value for anything that happens to
the car in the garage, on the trailer, or in the paddock of the
racetrack.  It costs about $250/year.  Once you roll onto the track,
however, you are on your own.  (You can buy insurance for the track too,
but it is very expensive and mostly bought by pay drivers)   

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	First of all, I'm not an insurance expert.  However, I believe
there are "agreed value" policies that do not always depreciate.  These
are commonly used for race cars or other unique (antique?) vehicles.
The parties simply agree on a replacement value and then perhaps revisit
the subject at each renewal, since a race car or antique car could have
changed radically either way over the course of the term and it's
understood that they do not necessarily track the normal used car
market.  The carrier doesn't care what the _reasonable and supportable_
value is, since your premium is directly related to that agreed value.

	Try searching the SCCA boards or similar for insurance issues.
Racers have every unique situation you can think of, so they know where
to go for insurance.

	Jimmy "Liability Only" Pribble 

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