[Es2] Compression tested the motor:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sat Oct 16 19:29:34 EDT 2004

Hey guys.

I had some time so out of curiousity I compression tested the motor.  

Every cylinder was above 175psi. 175psi being the 5th cylinder which is typical. The other cylinders were above 180psi. 

A long time ago the previous owner installed a copper head gasket and it blew.  Oil and coolant oh my...  I replaced the coolant tank and bleed the system but I believe there is a tiny bit left in the coolant system.  I noticed it today.  I also have an oil leak on the back of the motor which I came to the conclusion was all from the vavle cover.  One of the reasons why I did a compression test.

I still haven't figured out the fan situation but for now I am not letting it bother me.  Thermostat is definately working. 

Logically when you do a swap like this you get paranoid.  I am cetainly not rich.  It's probably taken 4 times as long as a swap should take based on the fact I choose to do is as intelligently as possible.  This even ment taking steps backwards.   If I had to do the swap again, I would say I would of had it done in a couple months or less.  But besides some small vw work this is certainly my largest project coming from my own pocket besides the task I take on at work.  

The more you know the more you relax.  Vagcom is awesome. It's like having 14 eyes.  I see everything and it keeps me calm.

As I check off things, I am getting more comfortable with the idea of putting it on the road.  


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