[Es2] info needed on 20v AAN install into coupe 20v

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I think another option might be to use a front-mount radiator like the
B4 90s (and urS4/6) use.   Need to decide where the intercooler goes,

One apparent issue with the angled radiator is where to move the stuff
in the way; there is an abs unit and radiator fan, and a steering fluid
reservoir, some emissions stuff... and a frame rail.  Sport quattro and
urq don't usually have ABS, etc.  Stuff can be moved, but it adds to the
complexity a bit.

I wonder if the radiator needs to be so tall; going over the top might
be a different approach.  I've got an AAN manifold I'm toying with
using, too.

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Thanks for the update.

If you want to use the AAN intake manifold, you will probably need to
angle the radiator, as was done in the Sport Quattro and early rally
cars.  I personally know of an AAN UrQuattro with the same problem and
this was his solution.  Mounting the radiator in this way should be very
easy.  You also won't be able to use factory radiator hoses, but that is
also easily solved with an Earl's catalog.  ;-)

Photo of factory Sport Quattro radiator location:

An S2 wiring harness is absolutely the way to go.  Obviously, you will
want to make sure that you are getting any ABY harness and not a 3B

Good luck,

Jimmy Pribble

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