[Es2] B6 rear rotors on S2 hubs

Bluemaxww1 at aol.com Bluemaxww1 at aol.com
Sun Oct 24 20:30:59 EDT 2004

This is what I posted on Audi World in the 90 forum.  Should be all  you need.
I know that one of the main things to do is change the  coupes to 5x112 hubs, 
but it is a pain to buy the rotors. I have found a USA  Audi rear OE 

I was looking at the Ate web site and  comparing rotors. This is what I 

S2 rear brake discs  


Part number 24.0110-0261.1 

Cross  reference to Audi part numbers 
895 615 601 A 
S2 Coupe 

8E0 615  601 B 
A4 02-03 A4/Avant 
A4 02-03 A4/Avant Quattro 
CAB 03-03 Audi  Cabrio 

ATE article information on the brake disc for both discs as  taken from Ate 
web site. 

Diameter [mm] 245 
Brake Disc Thickness  [mm]: 10.0 
from Model Year: 10.92 
Minimum Thickness [mm]: 8.0 
Brake  Disc Type: full 
Number of Holes: 10 
Fitting Side: rear 
Height [mm]:  40.0mm 
Centering Diameter: 68.0 
Inner Diameter [mm]: 135.5 
Bore Ø  [mm]: 15.3 

The rotors are the same. Now you can find it at the local  shop.
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I am  not Ben, but the rotor size is the same as you stock coupe.    245X10.


Greg and all, can someone confirm that this is the right rotor.  Thanks,


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