[Es2] Another small update:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sun Oct 24 21:51:37 EDT 2004

Hi guys


It's running and the fan works.  First off, this is a learning experience. Some times I have no answers for why somethings work and why some things do not work.  But I do know the fact that I been preity patient with all this has kept me from doing anything stupid.

The fan turned on today by the radiator thermoswitch.  Now the problem is my sister has her laptop and I couldn't use vagcom to diagnose the temp at which it came on.  The coolant gauge was around 95C which is when the first fan should turn on.  But when I vagcom'd the car the temps were different than what the coolant gauge says and what vagcom reads.  So It could possibly be that motor was running and the fan speed 1 came on when it was sappose to come on.  Or the next reason is that the 105C fan temp came on.  The problem is that since my first fan speed is busted.  So I don't necessarily know when it went on.  I do know I ran the motor for a long time and I was glad I had enough "balls" to run it until the fan came on.  

I am picking up a used laptop that my sister's boyfriends friend built $450.00 for sapposely a nice dell.  I shall use this for the car and work purposes.  So I can't complain.

I have enough money now where I think I can finish the car.  Which means rear tierods are being bought and then the downpipe welded.

Then It will make a trip to some shop. Probably Shine racing or Randolph racing to get an allignment and to get corner balanced.   

Soon enough it will be on the road. Only to be stored for the winter. 


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