[Es2] anyone have a working WGFV I could borrow?

Miller, Chris chris.miller at infofoundry.com
Sat Sep 4 14:28:33 EDT 2004

 Ben:  just got in from a trip, so this is short..
make a waste gate frequency valve test harness.  Get about 6 feet of two
conductor wire and put an LED (watch polarity, or use two wired
backwards from each other) on one end, which you put under the driver's
side wiper, or through the driver's door taped to the windshield.
The other side gets tapped into the waste gate frequency valve
connector, leaving the connector on the valve.  I used some female/male
spade connectors to tap the line.

Now, drive the car and watch the valve operate.  Call for boost; light
goes on steady for a second or so then rapidly blinks. 

No light, and the ECU isn't allowing boost control (limited to boost by
spring pressure fighting boost pressure from the intake manifold).

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I'm still trying to diagnose the lack of low end power in my car. I've
been told that if the timing belt is off 1-2 teeth (retarding timing)
it'll cause a loss of low-end power. Can anyone confirm this? Also, has
anyone made a home-made boost leak tester that I might be able to borrow
as well?

Thanks in advance,


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