[Es2] opinions wanted on the s2 list: suspension thoughts.

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Sun Sep 5 20:07:25 EDT 2004

I got inspired to look into allternatives, before I jump into it.  I need opinions.


For the lazy:

Hey guys

I need your opinions before I jump into this possible thought. I took my rear suspension out yesterday and today and I noticed I have the discontinued rear 355 model strut tops. I looked at them and the bearings were shot but the rubber was in nice shape to be honest. The bearing actually fell out and I noticed there was a part # 823412249 on it. 

so the questions I start to think about are is this part still avaliable? Popping out the bearing is rather easy. Is this a solution? There are three little tabs inside the strut mount where the bearing sits that could be ground down to allow a bearing to come in and out of there.

But my mind is not done yet. What other vag car is setup like this that is more modern and has a removeable bearing that allows us to maintain the rubber and just replace the bearing that also has an upgradeable potential?

I searched and I found. The golf based platform cars share a setup that is rather visually similar to ours it seems.

They also have the motorsport rubber strut mount which is harder.

Seemingly if the rubber was close to the stock mount then this potential could be an upgrade. Seemingly at it's worse one would need: the rubber strut mount, the bearing, the inner nut, and possibly the upper bump stop.

Before I go jumping in and sourcing these parts which are quite cheap mind I add and one of the main reasons for thinking about this idea. Is it worth it?

THe bearing cost around $9U.S. dollars. and the strut mount cost anywhere from 8-16 us dollars depending where you search. The inner nut cost around $2.00 For: $26+- one might have the potential of having an upper strut mount that allows for the replacement of just the bearing. And then for the nuts out there like myself there is the vw motorsport upper strut mount with is a mind boggling $50-75 dollars each. 

The things that hold me back from this:

What if the durometer( hardness) is less than that of a stock audi setup. What about the size of it? If it's too long dimentionally up and down then that could potentially raise the suspension. Is it close to 3 and 3/16 width. Is the vw motorsport upper strut mount the same durometer as a factory stock audi mount? 

I can source the "blue" strut mounts rather cheap here in the states, but seemingly they are too short anyways for my coilover setup. Mind I add thats another issuse.

The other issuse is at $20us +- a pop is this really worth it?



Check out this website for mkIV platform suspension/coilover pics:


P.s. If I had "mad dough" I would buy it allready and test it but I am not rich. My sister ironically has a jetta and I am tempted to pull it apart and test it, but I could see the face on her allready  . At the other end of the scale at $26 if I can't afford this I shouldn't be working on a pontenial S2 replica.

P.S. #2 I quit smoking and I can't type or spell for ****. I got the shakes from doing it cold turkey and I am sorry if this wasn't the easiest to read.


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