[Es2] suspension update:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Thu Sep 9 22:21:58 EDT 2004


I got the golf iv stuff, but it's not going to work, a tad bit too wide, and a quite a bit too tall.  It mounts on the strut perfectly but if it did work the car would most likely sit a half inch+ higher.  Even though it didn't work it might ironically end up helping someone.  One of my close friends has a golf iv with a t3/t4 and tec III management and he's going to test fit one of my use upper strut mounts.  He has a h&r race setup and want to try them out.  We think it will do the opposite and lower his car a half inch+ more.  That would be the case if it fits nicely in the shock tower.  Extented thought:  If we could run without bearing the golf Iv bearing nut actually hold the strut mount perfectly in place with out the bearing.

I ordered 4 8a0412323d model strut tops from impex today and some other parts. Impex's price on these is $19.61each

The "blue" model strut tops through impex is $35.00



Thanks again chris for the invite and thanks peter for the iso tool link.

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