[Es2] Any 'inexpensive' turbo options?

Mike Teter mike at nittigritti.com
Fri Sep 24 23:50:56 EDT 2004

Turbo lust is a terrible thing. I've barely started rebuilding my 
source 3B and the red flags are already everywhere, but I can't stop 
myself from wanting to continue the project.

First, the donor engine took a long time to show up and looks terrible. 
Dirty with parts were missing and wire connectors damaged. OK, I 
convince myself I can clean and fix the little things.

Then, it looks like the intercooler provided is from some unknown 
source car with inlets and outlets in all the wrong places to fit an 
audi. So now I have no choice but to toss $$ at getting a usable 
intercooler setup and I order a used S2 system.

I have no confidence in what I'll find when the head and oil pan comes 
off, but turbo lust pushes me forward. Now, I do the 'prudent' thing 
and drop the included k24 turbo to the shop for a 'checkup'. I should 
have know they'd find it requires a full rebuild or replacement.

I need to keep some reserves for the likely problems with the head and 
such, so what would should I do for a short-term turbo solution? The 
bad turbo spins, so I guess I could use it, but  is it possible to 
remove it while the engines in place? What about the k26 turbos I see 
on ebay, would one fit? Are there any decent mail-order sources in 


Mike Teter
Colorado Springs, CO

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