[Es2] Small update:

livinotte at cox.net livinotte at cox.net
Thu Sep 30 01:19:45 EDT 2004

Hi everyone

For anyone curious here is a small update.  I haven't fixed the fuel leak but I understand finally whats wrong with it.  First off a bubble flare is the first part in making a double flare.  So to make things clear if you have a double flare tool the first part of the making of the flare is equal to a bubble flare.  A bubble flare is also known as an open flare and a iso flare. Hazet sells a tube flaring kit for vw/audis/european cars.  Part # 2191/12k.  

I had a coolant leak so I pulled the front end off the car again and changed the coolant pump.  I actually didn't do that back when I should of because I thought I drop the motor in and run it for a while and make sure my investment is running.  Now that it ran I can attack all the issuses.  I ordered a new coolant tank also.   Once the fuel line is fixed I plan on running the car with prestone cleaner and then swapping to g12 and distilled water.  

It's difficult to find time to be honest right now to work on it.  However I feel as if I am getting alot done.  I modified the 2bennett headlight harness tonight to work with the allternator instead of the battery.  I also wired in the turn signals in the head lights not too long ago.

I also went on a few mini vacations in the past couple weekends so that killed some normal working time on the coupe.  However after all this is said I think I should be giving it a test drive very soon.  

off topic stuff:

I might be getting an audi v8 4.2L with a blown tranny for $500 I haven't found time to go check it out.  If I do get it I plan on swapping the motor into a b3/b4 chassis audi.


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