[Es2] anyone that did a 6 speed conversion, Help

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You can find a couple of options for front and rear upgrades  posted  here:

_Fourtitude  Forums: Porsche 996  brakes on a 90 coupe_  

_Fourtitude  Forums: Possible rear vented rotor  combinations for the Coupe_  


I've been running that front setup on my '91 coupe since late last  winter.  
I shortened the mounting bolts used to hold the RS2 calipers to  the hub, 
since they stick out very close to the rotor.  They fit (barely)  inside the 
5-spoke forged urS4 rims, and I'm hoping to use a set of 5-spoke A8  16" rims (with 
spacers) as winter wheels.  If your roads are better, 17s  work (with right 
spoke shape and offset).  I also went to a proportioning  valve to put some 
more brake force to the rear brakes.
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