[Es2] Re: [s-cars] clutch problem

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Wed Apr 6 16:57:58 EDT 2005

Bill and all,
 Ok I just went out and jacked the car up so that one front wheel was  off 
the ground. With car in gear and clutch out I could turn the wheel about a  half 
turn and then it would get tight but with a little pressure would break  free 
again and turn to that point. If 3 of 4 wheels are on the ground I  shouldn't 
be able to turn the whell thats off the ground correct? When I have  the wife 
turn the wheel while I look at the axels and cv joints I can see the  one she 
is turning turn normal and the other front is not moveing. How are the  
flanges on the tranny attach to the tranny? Is it possible one of them is  slipping 
at that point? 


"..there was a clunk like I popped the clutch or  
something.  There is still normal pedal feel but when I let out on  the
clutch in any 

gear I  get no grab. What could this  be??"


I'm going to guess that somehow someway one  of the axle shafts came loose
and uncoupled.  

BTDT  one  wheel no go =  all wheels no go.

Take a looksee  underneath.

Only other probable may be a blown slave cylinder. attached  to the
transmission.  Look for fluid there.  But I've only heard of  that once on
list IIRC.


Bill M

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