[Es2] Re: [s-cars] clutch problem

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
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The tranny flanges are pressed into the gearbox. They shouldn't slip. It's 
likely that a cv joint failed or the half shaft flange bolts worked 
themselves out.


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> Bill and all,
> Ok I just went out and jacked the car up so that one front wheel was  off
> the ground. With car in gear and clutch out I could turn the wheel about a 
> half
> turn and then it would get tight but with a little pressure would break 
> free
> again and turn to that point. If 3 of 4 wheels are on the ground I 
> shouldn't
> be able to turn the whell thats off the ground correct? When I have  the 
> wife
> turn the wheel while I look at the axels and cv joints I can see the  one 
> she
> is turning turn normal and the other front is not moveing. How are the
> flanges on the tranny attach to the tranny? Is it possible one of them is 
> slipping
> at that point?
> Elijah
> Elijahammered
> "..there was a clunk like I popped the clutch or
> something.  There is still normal pedal feel but when I let out on  the
> clutch in any
> gear I  get no grab. What could this  be??"
> Elijah,
> I'm going to guess that somehow someway one  of the axle shafts came loose
> and uncoupled.
> BTDT  one  wheel no go =  all wheels no go.
> Take a looksee  underneath.
> Only other probable may be a blown slave cylinder. attached  to the
> transmission.  Look for fluid there.  But I've only heard of  that once on
> list IIRC.
> Bill M
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