[Es2] Re: [s-cars] clutch problem

Elijahallen92 at aol.com Elijahallen92 at aol.com
Wed Apr 6 22:30:15 EDT 2005

 I did this but did not see either of the front flanges turning. I  didn't 
check the rear though. I will check it tomorrow. Thanks for the  hope,

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miker76 at sympatico.ca writes:

It is highly unlikely that the clutch failed in a way that it would not  
engage.  The clutch pressure plate has ALOT of clamping force, and even  if one of 
the "fingers" breaks, it will still be impossible to roll the car in  gear 
without turning the engine at the same time.  
What I would do to check, is I would have my wife start the car and place  it 
in gear and let go the clutch while the handbrake is applied, and also the  
foot brake for safety.  Then I would go under the car (dont need to go  under 
really, just get a light) and check to see which of the 4 tranny flanges  is 
rotating.  Either an inner cv is broken, or the bolts are sheared off  or loose, 
or even a rear driveshaft is broken or loose somewhere.
There is a small chance but very unlikely that the gears in the  tailhousing 
of the tranny are broken, if no cvs are broken.  

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How? I don't get it. It seems like clutch would be the only thing it  could 
be. How can I test this? If I roll the car in gear what can I look for  to 
confirm cv joint failure?

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This  actually pretty much confirms cv joint failure.

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> Ok how bout this. With car in firs gear I  can roll it back and forth in 
> the
> garage with little  resistance. Does this rule out the cv thing? I'm pretty
> sure   now that its something other than the cv joints. The slave cylinder  
> looks
> fine  with no liquid coming from it and the  clutch pedal feel is normal. 
> Did my
> centerforce clutch  fail or maybe the ASW aluminum flywheel? This sucks, I
> was   hoping for just a blown cv joint.
>  Elijah
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> tedebearp at yahoo.com writes:
>  you  might still be able to turn the wheel that's off the  ground.   the
> front differential is an open  differential.  if you put the car in  gear,
> the engine  is coupled to the drivetrain.  if both front wheels  are  off
> the ground, rotating a wheel should cause the other wheel to  rotate
> in the opposite direction.  if the other front wheel  is on the  ground
> (and thus unable to rotate in the opposite  direction), you'll  get
> resistance because you're now trying  to turn the engine over.   put
> enough force into it and  the engine will turn over, and then  you'll
> feel the effect  of compressing the air in the cylinders.  is  the engine
>  turning over?  have your wife look into the engine  compartment  and see
> if the crank is turning.
> you can check  the  axleshafts and drive flanges on the tranny to
> see if  everything's still  connected, or you can put both front  wheels
> up in the air and see if the  other wheel rotates in  the opposite 
> direction
> when you rotate a   wheel.
> -teddy
> --- Elijahallen92 at aol.com  wrote:
>> Bill and  all,
>>  Ok I just went  out and jacked the car up so that one front  wheel was 
>>  off
>> the ground. With car in gear and clutch out I  could  turn the wheel about 
>> a
>> half
>> turn and  then it would get  tight but with a little pressure would  break
> free
>> again  and turn to that  point. If 3 of 4 wheels are on the ground I
>  shouldn't
>> be able to turn the whell thats off the  ground  correct? When I have  the
>  wife
>> turn the wheel while I  look at the  axels and cv joints I can see the 
>> one
>  she
>>  is turning turn normal and the other  front is not moveing. How are the
>> flanges on the tranny attach  to the tranny? Is it possible one of  them 
>>  is
>> slipping
>> at that  point?
>>  Elijah
>>  Elijahammered
>> "..there was a  clunk like I  popped the clutch or
>> something.  There is  still  normal pedal feel but when I let out on  the
>> clutch in  any
>> gear I  get no grab. What could  this   be??"
>>  Elijah,
>> I'm going to  guess that somehow  someway one  of the axle shafts came 
>> loose
>>  and  uncoupled.
>> BTDT  one  wheel no  go =   all wheels no go.
>> Take a  looksee  underneath.
>> Only other probable may  be a blown slave cylinder. attached  to  the
>>  transmission.  Look for fluid there.  But I've only  heard  of  that once 
>> on
>> list  IIRC.
>> HTH
>> Bill  M
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