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Found  it here

Took some looking...

I have to say I do take some  offense to you use of "Canada Assholes" Elijah.
I am sure that you have a  case against the people you had do the work, and I 
would love to know who  it was so I can stay far away. I doubt VERY much I 
would be welcomed back  to this list if I used that term you have to relate 
to you guys down there  (United States). I certainly never would, hard to 
justify calling an  entire country that.


 Sorry about that, I didn't even think of how that sounded. The shop  is 
called Solaroli Motorsports and they are in Scarborough. They led me on for 6  
months and lied to me about there progress up until the end when I gave them a  
one day notice that I was coming with a trailer and when I showed up the only  
thing they had done is put the head on the engine and connect the tranny, I  
actually had to wait till Saturday so that they could get it up in the car so  
that I could get it on a trailer. So much of what they touched was just hand  
tight or just plain wrong. It was the worst experience I have ever had in  
dealing with a shop. I mean no offense to Canadians, I love Canada, my wife and  
I have a place in Blind River and try to get there any time we can. Oh and 
sorry  about not giving a link. I got home from the shop with about fifteen 
minutes to  get that typed and take a shower before I had to pick some friends up 
for a  part. Anyway, hope all is well in  Canada.


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